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Spice Norns

by plushpuffin

Spice Norns for Creatures 3 and Docking Station

build 1

The new Spice Norn breed is a very small modification to the ChiChi Gizmo breed. They're engineered to pass on only a part of their pigmentation to their offspring, so the child will inherit colors from both the mother and father.

What this means is that a red and a green mating has a chance of producing a yellow child, a red and blue could produce a purple child, etc etc...

What is certain is that the child's pigment will not be the same as either of the parents, unless the parents are genetically identical.

I made this happen by spreading the pigment genes out. In all other Norn breeds, pigment genes are grouped together at around genes #350 - 370. This means that the offspring almost always inherits pigments from one parent only.

By spreading out the red, green, blue, and bleed genes, I've forced the parents to share pigments.

Unfortunately, this breed is probably not capable of breeding with any wild norns, due to the differing genetics. I wouldn't recommend it.

That having been said, enjoy them!

The zip file contains several agents will which start you on your Spice Norn breeding. Simply drop them in the My Agents folder and then go to Muco the Egg Layer and pop out a few eggs.

For any curious programmers, I made these new norns with the help of a small Perl script I wrote which can interpret the C3/DS genome. This Perl library is included in the source directory in the zip, along with the scripts for creating all the sample sub-breeds.


I've created 16 random Spice Norns for your enjoyment. Their pigment genes are completely random, not too extreme, but they can be used to inject both variety and moderation into your population of Spice Norns.

The archive is in a special format called "7z", which stands for 7-Zip. It's a very, very good compression format, much better than ZIP or RAR. Since you probably don't have 7-Zip, I've made the archive self-extracting, which adds about 60KB to the size. It's still far smaller than a zip file with the same contents would be.

Spice Norn Breeds and Cross-Breeds
White Spice Norn
Black Spice Norn
Red Spice Norn
Violet Spice Norn
Aqua Spice Norn
Pine Spice Norn
Bland Spice Norn
White/Black Spice Norn
Black/White Spice Norn
Violet/Pine Spice Norn


posted by plushpuffin (3/2/2004)