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Maginot Line build X

by plushpuffin

NewsCat ][ reborn

build 10

Static pages, split static pages, sliced pages, sliced index pages.

This addon can be considered "out of beta" in that it works very well for a lot of people. I'm not aware of any major bugs.

If you know what a sliced profile is and what it does, good. If not, don't download this, you'll just be confused. I haven't written any help yet.

With build 8 of Maginot Line, I have now implemented the user-defined special fields that were available in NewsCat ][ build 12, for separating sliced pages. (ie: first letter or news subject, ten per page)

Build 9 of Maginot Line allows you to create subdirectories for different news files, all in the same profile. You just have to put in the file path and directory URL fields in the profile editor (for any type of Maginot Line profile) and Maginot will automatically create the necessary subdirectories. See the documentation for further details.

Build 10 fixes all known bugs in Build 9 and adds prev and next functionality for static/split-static pages, but ONLY for profiles not using the default sort order. See the documentation for further details.


posted by plushpuffin (31/10/2002)