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by plushpuffin

A C# Arimaa game engine

build 0.9

Click the kitten below to download the alpha version of my Arimaa® game engine. It's written in C# for version 2.0 of the .NET framework, but I think the C# language elements used include some features of C# 3.0, which act only as syntactic sugar. It will definitely compile in Visual Studio 2008 (including the Express edition), and might compile in Visual Studio 2005.

This project is provided with the written authorization of and in compliance with Section III of the Arimaa Public License. Any derivatives of this project must also comply with the Arimaa Public License. The Arimaa name is a registered trademark, and the Arimaa game is patented. The Arimaa rules, the Arimaa board, and the Arimaa piece design are all protected by copyright.

The latest revision of the Arimaa Public License can be found here.

Please visit the official Arimaa web site.

The latest version of this project can always be found at:

Scott P Hensel


posted by plushpuffin (10/10/2009)