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by plushpuffin

Change the date and time of news, both in Submit and Modify News

build 1.3

With Temporal, you can change the date AND the time of any news item you want. You must use military time: 0 hours is midnight, 23 is 11 PM, etc...

You can use any separators you want. You don't have to use dashes for the dates and colons for the times. You can do this:

date: 11=23/98

time: 10:69#45

Please note: this is very important - DELETE the and addons before you use Temporal. They WILL NOT WORK WELL TOGETHER since they do essentially the same thing. It could get very confusing for you if you don't delete those other two addons.

Written for OblivionGHQ. Without his tireless begging on the forums for close to two weeks, this never would have come about.

Temporal 1.1 adds compatibility with NewsCat ]['s autobuild feature. Now, when you change the date/time of a newsitem with Temporal, the static page will be rebuilt automatically in NewsCat ][.

(In case you're interested, the reason it wouldn't work before was because the database was being sorted before NewsCat ][ got to it, and everything was out of order. NewsCat ][ then rebuilt the wrong page. This wasn't a bug in either addon; this update is just a compatibility workaround I haven't gotten around to doing until now)

Small change by plushpuffin now allows time of midnight as "0" (zero)


posted by plushpuffin (18/5/2001)