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by plushpuffin

Embed one news field in another.

build 1.0

Aenea allows you to embed one field inside another. For example, if you have a field called "img1" and want that image to be embedded in the exact middle of the newstext, you should choose "newstext" to be examined for embedding in Aenea's settings page, and then submit new news. Type "<img src="image.gif">" for the field img1 and "yak yak yak <sed:img1> yak yak yak" for the newstext. The news database will now contain "yak yak yak <sed:img1><img src="image.gif"></sed> yak yak yak" but it will show up as "yak yak yak <sed:img1> yak yak yak" in Modify News and WorkBench.


posted by plushpuffin (19/11/2000)