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WorkBench build 11

by plushpuffin

An alternative interface to Modify News

build 11

WorkBench is my replacement for "Modify News"


  • News filtering by category, search string, date, and relative date
  • thanks to WrestlingGamer for JavaScript help.
  • Folder view settings
  • Color settings
  • Expandable. You can write your own filters and viewers.
  • Checkbox-selection or clicking of news to modify, one at a time or several at a time.


  • ModGrep. DO NOT use ModGrep with WorkBench!
  • UserGroups build 14 and below. Upgrade to build 15!


  • newspro
  • usergroups addon
  • news categories addon or teaser addon
  • frames-capable browser
  • a small degree of common sense on your part


  • Upload all 3 npa_ files and the wblib folder and its contents
  • Upload the updated usergroups build 15 addon (included) if needed.
  • chmod the wblib directory and all files to 755

WorkBench build 6 fixes a problem with some systems which load WorkBench before loading UserGroups...

build 7 fixes a problem with kremlin on some servers which loaded addons in non-alphabetical order.

build 8 adds class="" tags so that I can eventually integrate this addon with Death By Chocolate's stylesheets. (you can do it yourself if you want, but you have to go through the code to find out what the class tags are named )

    build 9 fixes no bugs; it adds some new features:

  • you may now rename folders in "Edit This Folder"
  • webmasters may now edit settings for any user/group desired in "Edit Settings"
  • a new addon,, now allows for fast searches in folders so you can locate just the news item you're looking for (ModGrep returns!!)

    build 10 fixes one bug with NewsCat ][ (WorkBench's fault, not NC2's fault) and also performs some general maintenance

  • WorkBench's edit folder-filters:category feature was totally whacked when used with NewsCat ][, which inadvertently overrode a temporary variable that WorkBench should have declared local using my(). Whoops!
  • WB's necessarily global variables have all been renamed with a "wb" at the beginning to avoid that kind of thing in the future.
  • Some subroutines were renamed for clarity.
  • Comments were added in some places.
  • Hooks were added in some places to allow for greater expandibility in the future.

    build 11:

  • adds a mass-delete feature which allows you to select however many newsitems you want and delete them in one fell sweep.
  • adds a "submit news" link on the toolbar


posted by plushpuffin (13/11/2000)