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addon garden files

by plushpuffin, npconfig.p, and the template files used to generate the addon garden web site.

build 2.0

Here they are:

    addon garden: the files

  • static.tmpl
  • multiple.tmpl
  • bar.tmpl
  • category_list.html
  • addonlist_profile.html
  • addonstatic_profile.html
  • sidebar_profile.html
  • welcome_profile.html

The category_list.html and the *_profile.html documents contain the saved HTML source from my NewsCat ][ build 8 beta 1 Edit Profile pages and of course the main NewsCat ][ build 8 beta 1 page, which displays the list of categories and profiles. This will help you decipher the and files with regard to the filtering and news generating subroutines. Enjoy!


posted by plushpuffin (12/11/2000)