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ISoar 4

by plushpuffin

Make NewsPro dance!

build 4.0

ISoar allows you to change the colors of the Newspro CGI to something that is...well...less of an eyesore. Let's face it...the default newspro colors feel like a bad acid trip, don't they?

Version 2.0 of ISoar has a few new features.

For Internet Explorer users, the colors of the preview boxes change right away when you edit the text fields!

Netscape users can click the PREVIEW button to see the changes, since this doesn't work in Netscape.

There is now a DEMO button, you can see what your main page will look like with the new colors...just click DEMO to see it, and click the back button on your browser when you're done.

After using the DEMO button and returning to the ISoar page, you must sometimes click on the PREVIEW button, since the page kind of "forgets" which colors go where...

On a side note, there is now a RESET button in case you're not happy with the changes you have made.

Version 3.0 of ISoar has the following new features:

Upgrade wizard passes your custom colors to a new version of newspro.cgi when you reinstall!

ISoar now uses TIESCALAR, so it no longer creates the file isoartemp.txt when you use the Demo button.

ISoar now lists the hex values of the previous colors when you are editing, for your convenience.

Version 4.0 of ISoar improves upon the DEMO button by utilizing javascript popup windows. It's pretty nifty.

How does it work?

ISoar goes through newspro.cgi looking for #aaaaaa - basically, a pound sign followed by six numbers or letters. This is a color value. Then it displays them, along with a text box. You edit these colors, click Save, and ISoar reads newspro.cgi again, renames it to onewspro.cgi, and writes a NEW newspro.cgi with all the old colors changed to your replacement colors.


posted by plushpuffin (8/11/2000)