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Manuel Noriega 1.0

by plushpuffin

Manage and Display user emails/passwords/userlevels

build 1.0

Manuel Noriega is designed as a supplement to the "Edit Users" page. It allows the web master to set/reset the email address, password, and userlevel of any user. This means you can demote webmasters, so watch out!

Noriega also appears at the bottom of the page as a link, which, when clicked, will open up a tiny window containing a neat list of all users on the system along with a clickable email link.

Noriega works with UserGroups to allow webmaster-editing, but it does not require UserGroups in order to display the popup window. If you don't have UserGroups, you can't edit email/password/userlevel, but you can still use Noriega. Cool, huh?


posted by plushpuffin (10/8/2000)