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DropMod 2

by plushpuffin

Display a list box of news items for modifying

build 2.0

DropMod 2 is an enhancement to my venerable yet still useful DropMod addon. It does not fix any bugs because DropMod never had any bugs. It simply adds the option of showing the list box on every single page in NewsPro.

DropMod is a simple plugin. Its entire functionality consists of displaying a dropdown list of all the news items in the database that you have permission to modify. When you choose one, it presents you with the Modify News page, but the news item you selected is the only one visible.

DropMod iterates through the news database, extracting the news subject from each item. It checks to make sure you are (A) the person who submitted the item, or (B) an advanced user.

If either condition is true, it adds it to the list. When you choose an item from the list, it sets $NPConfig{'Modify_ItemsPerPage'} = 1 so that only that one news item will appear. Then it calls Modify News. (Changing this setting doesn't do anything, since settings aren't saved by DropMod or RemoveNews)


posted by plushpuffin (1/8/2000)