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by plushpuffin

Restrict news posting by category

build 3.7

Kremlin uses the UserGroups addon to manage a single property: CAT

This property exists for both users and groups, and it contains a list of all the categories that the users/groups have permission to post to.

When you first install Kremlin, the default 'Safe' Category is (default). What this means is that all users must post to (default) and nowhere else.

In order to give more permissions, a webmaster must either create a group or modify each user's permissions directly, giving post-access to a range of categories of his/her choice.

You may change the 'Safe' Category to anything you want. It is the category that news posts are assigned to if the user attempts to post to a category they don't have access to.

New in build 12: a "(none selected)" category option in Kremlin lets you choose NO safe category; if the user tries to submit they are given an error page if only the (none) category is allowed.

Also new in build 12: if the user only has one permitted category, they will not be presented with a select box in submit news; it will simply be printed out as plain text to let them know that they have no choice. The user will always be presented with a choice in Modify News unless (none) is the only category allowed.

In order to make sure that you have the absolute latest version of the UserGroups addon (required) I am not offering Kremlin as a separate download. You must download

Small bug in kremlin - it now shows all categories when you ONLY have "All Categories" selected. Before it wouldn't give you a choice. (thanks cooldealy)

Kremlin 3.5: major bug fix: fix time slippage when TimeOffset is not zero.

Kremlin 3.6/3.7: Now does not give you a choice of modifying the category in Modify News if you are only allowed to post to one category, or none. Before, it gave you a select box with only one option - pretty useless.


posted by plushpuffin (1/8/2000)