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UserGroups build 16

by plushpuffin

Control properties of users and groups (with help of other addons)

build 16

UserGroups is a great way of avoiding all the hassle of modifying newspro's internals.

Need to give each user an ICQ # property? No problem!

Want to restrict news posting by category?

How about limiting the number of posts per week per user?

UserGroups doesn't actually DO any of those just makes them possible.

The companion addons Kremlin and Dossier are included with UserGroups. Kremlin restricts news posting by category. It works with both Teaser and News Categories, and requires UserGroups in order to run. Dossier manages ICQ # and web site URL per user, and can be modified by even standard need to ask your webmaster to change your own details!

New in usergroups build 12: some options are now hidden from non-webmasters.

New in build 13; $UGP_PROPERTYNAME is a new kind of variable that you will find VERY useful. Use it in DoNewsHTML and DoHeadlineHTML and it will DYNAMICALLY change to reflect the $newsname of each news item!

How does it do it? Who cares!

A few cosmetic changes, plus I took out a hook that executed in Build News and probably slowed things down. (but didn't do anything)

upgrading from build 13 to 14 is not required. I am just making it available in case you want to make your Build News process slightly faster. (probably not enough to notice but oh well)

upgrading to build 15 is not required unless you want to use WorkBench. (A small problem with usergroups was found when testing it with WorkBench. It does not affect Kremlin or Dossier or Themes)

build 16 implements two suggestions from XenaDragon. Xena wanted usernames in the Edit Group page to be listed in alphabetical order, and also requested an option to view ALL properties for ALL users and groups.


posted by plushpuffin (1/8/2000)