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Cyndi Lauper

by plushpuffin

Do an HTMLescape on only certain portions of your news text

build 1.1

Cyndi Lauper allows you to perform an HTML escape on certain portions of your news text.

For example:

This sentence is not escaped.

<b>This sentence is escaped.</b>

You do it all by surrounding portions of your news text with <esc> and </esc> tags.

In order for Cyndi Lauper to work, you need to select WHICH fields to perform escapes on. This is accessible via the Cyndi Lauper settings, which also gives an example of how to perform an escape.

Cyndi Lauper makes an exception for <BR> tags; it leaves them alone because they're important to NewsPro.


posted by plushpuffin (7/7/2000)