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by plushpuffin

ModGrep allows for searching of news so you only see what you want to see in Modify News

build 2.0

What is it?

ModGrep searches through your news for the text you specify and displays only those news items which match your search. You can search basically any field you want, even user-defined fields.

How does it work?

You just click Modify News and it's there on the top of the screen. Enter text, choose fields, and click the button. It then looks through every newsitem (using regular expressions if you want) and skips every one that doesn't match. Note that, due to the lack of a hook in the right place, ModGrep has to replace the entire RemoveNews subroutine starting at the beginning.

version 2.0 of ModGrep has been updated to work properly with addons which require build 24 (v3.7.5) of newspro.cgi

It also includes some small cosmetic improvements.

ModGrep is completely incompatible with WorkBench.


posted by plushpuffin (3/6/2000)