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NewsCat ][ build 12

by plushpuffin

All New! Well, partly new.

build 12

NewsCat ][ is an enhanced version of the News Categories addon which allows you to do much more with your profiles.

You may use NewsCat ][ to create normal profiles, profiles in which every news item has its own file, or in which a news item may be split up among several files, or even profiles in which you can group news items into files based on criteria of your choice.

Build 9 of NewsCat ][ adds a minimum age option and the ability to use "Sliced" profiles to mimic the functionality of NewsPro's built-in archival features.

Build 10 of NewsCat ][ fixes all known bugs and adds a new value known as $thisURL which will eventually be used with a new comments addon.

Build 11 of NewsCat ][ adds a new field: $thisURL, which is helpful in general and in relation to the new addon Lalonde in particular.

Build 12 of NewsCat ][ allows split static pages to have a separate title for each page!

NewsCat ][ is best used with a small to medium sized site. The more news items you have, and the more news profiles you have enabled, the longer it will take to build your news.

Please take a moment to read through the online help for NewsCat ][. This exists both on the Edit Profile page and on its own page, accessible from the "help" link at the bottom left corner of every page in NewsCat ][.


posted by plushpuffin (20/9/2001)